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The untrendy pint

Last night, I went to one of my local pubs, they do a great tapas night on the first Thursday of the month. The food was great, as it always is, Sally has lived in Spain, and creates some lovely authentic dishes at very reasonably. But that’s not really the point of this post. I was struck by a couple of beers that were available. First was Adnams Oyster Stout, it was in great condition, and was tasting fantastic. It has everything I enjoy in a stout, the rich coffee flavours, the creamy thick mouthfeel, just a superb pint. The second was Crouch Vale Brewers Gold which again was perfect, crystal clear and with a fabulous aroma. I tweeted that it had a lovely ‘nose’ and then that it made me sound such a beer snob using that kind of phrase.

It sparked an interesting conversation that Crouch Vale weren’t really trendy enough to make me sound like a beer snob. We don’t really get that many ‘trendy’ breweries beers available in Norfolk, it’s quite a conservative brewing county. That’s not to say the beers aren’t good, they can be great, but they’re just not setting the beer geek world alight. We get a few offerings from Thornbridge and Dark Star, but nothing from the likes of Hardknott, Magic Rock or Kernel at any rate. I do love trying new beers, and the ones I’ve tried elsewhere from these  breweries have been fantastic. However, when at home if I want a consistently great pint, then I know I’ll get that from breweries such as Crouch Vale, certainly in the pubs I drink in.

When it comes to a thirst quenching pint of something golden in the beer garden, a dark and rich beer next to the open fire, or something bitter to go with a pack of pork scratchings, quite often the untrendy pint suits me just fine.

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  1. Crouch Vale are trendy, insofar as their beers have been single-hopped, highly-hopped and interesting for years. They just don’t have trendy branding. They could hire a marketing person with eccentric glasses and a funny haircut and be cool if they wanted to…

    • That’s kind of my point, they’re a great brewery with lovely beer, but because they don’t chase the beer geek market, they sometimes get overlooked. Their Amarillo is one of my top 10 beers I think. They did tweet me this morning to say ‘We would be horrified to find out that we were trendy. Yeuch.’ Which makes them kinda cool in my opinion. Whatever that counts for!

  2. Another thing that will cause a Brewery to be marked as “untrendy” is if you don’t see their beers in the trendy craft beer bars. I for one would love it if I could get Brewer’s Gold in the Sheffield Tap.

    There’s quite a few breweries out there who don’t get the plaudits from beer bloggers and ratebeer, don’t end up in the up and coming beer haunts, don’t have posh pump clips but still make superb beer.


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