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Don’t be fooled

I’m writing this just after hearing the budget and talk of alcohol duty.

It’s being widely reported that there is no change to alcohol duty.

What they actually mean is there is no change to duty policies in place. The beer duty escalator (BDE) in means that until 2015, beer duty will rise at 2% above inflation every year.

So, to all those reading that there are ‘no changes’ who aren’t aware of the beer duty escalator, you’re likely to be handed a 5.4% rise in the price of a pint from tomorrow, not exactly great reporting. Imagine having to explain to your customers that yes, there was ‘no change’, but actually that’s just ‘no change in policy’ so now there is a 5.4% rise, and no, you’re not making more money from them.

Once again, putting the squeeze on the public, publicans and brewers.

I wrote to my own MP about the BDE, and she basically told me that the revenue made from excise duty is needed, but the government make it easier to let bands play in a pub or communities can step in and take over struggling pubs. Missing the point as ever there Chloe.

What she’s failing to realise is why these pubs are failing in the first place. I’m sure we all have our own opinions on why this is, and I wont bore you with my views.

As I’ve said many a time, we’re not going to be the last brewery to stop production this year, and this latest duty hike might just make a few more decide to close the doors.

There is something you can do about it though…. sign the E-petition. It doesn’t guarantee change, but just sitting there complaining wont change anything either.

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