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Monthly Archives: September 2012

What’s so wrong with a beard?

For a long while now, there has been a trend to dismiss the stuffy old fashioned beer lover as a ‘bearded’ type who wears socks and sandals, wears a faded, stained and stretched ‘what’s the matter lager boy?’ t-shirt over a straining belly who bores on about the scourge of keg beer. I kind of feel it’s a bit mean on bearded chaps. I’m not suggesting I’m about to start sporting one myself, that’s pushing it a little far. However, I know lots of young(ish) cool(ish) fellas who sport various kinds of facial accoutrement. And lovely old comforting grandpa types, silver foxes, and full-on Brian Blessed wannabes. The’re good people. They’re not odd. Well, I’m sure some of them are, but it’s nothing to do with the beard.

Movember isn’t that far away, and there’ll be men aplenty proudly wearing facial hair for a good cause. So I ask, can we stop the beard bashing, and aim the prejudice elsewhere. I know there are a certain elements in the beer community we like to poke fun at, but I have to admit a certain fondness to a beard. Perhaps it’s the kind of beard that matters? With that in mind,  leave you with this, shamelessly stolen from R. Jason Bennion. The trustworthiness of beards (click and zoom):