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Comfort Beer

It really shouldn’t be the time of year for this kind of post, but as the rain is lashing the windows, a huge storm predicted and thunder rumbling about outside, sod it. I’m sat here with a bowl of soup. It’s not even chilled. Along with a big wedge of thickly buttered bread. Comfort food really.

I’m full of cold, and rather run down. I’m feeling the need for the kind of beer you can nurse in front of the fire, curled up on your favourite chair with a quilt on your knee. Comfort beer. I really am feeling like an old woman’s granny today.

So, what have I got in mind? Something dark, all about the rich roasted, vanilla, coffee and chocolate flavours. Not too bitter, but maybe a nice touch of  fruity hop – something along the lines of  candied peel in a fruit cake.

I tried Norwich Bear Coconut Pawter last week, a special beer produced for City of Ale which at first I thought might be a little too sweet. Described as a Bounty bar in a glass (I hate Bounty bars – mainly due to the texture than the flavour). But no, this was delicious. Helped as it was paired with dark chocolate truffles and blue cheese. A deeply satisfying hit of cocoa in there, coffee to balance and the coconut on the finish. Reminded me of the smell of Hawaiian Tropic… yearning for a holiday in the sun, can you tell?

Green Jack’s Lurcher Stout would be another contender, a little variable in the past, but has been good the last few times I’ve tried it. All lovely roastedness with hints of vanilla. A good satisfying pint.

One that isn’t about at this time of year is Adams Oyster Stout. A really great pint, in good condition I can not fault this at all. Inky black, smooth and creamy, enough coffee flavours to stop it becoming cloying.

I am sneakily hoping that by positing this we’ll get a heat wave and everyone will laugh and ask ‘what storm?’ So then, tell me, what’s your go-to comfort beer, and if we do suddenly hit 28 degree temperatures, what will be in your fridge?